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Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

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Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

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Professional pianist and teacher with over 25 years experience 
Private piano lessons available for kids, teens and adults of all levels from beginners to advanced in classical as well as contemporary styles.

- Piano Lessons
- Theory Lessons
- Ear Training
- Sight Reading
- Musicianship
- Competitions & Local Festivals
- Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations
- High School Credits
- Rehearsal Pianist for Vocalists and Instrumentalists


   “If proper fundamentals are not instilled from the very first lesson, a student’s potential to reach the higher levels of piano performance are reduced.  I ensure that complete musical fundamentals and general musicianship are a priority through every lesson. "

“I have a very highly attuned sensitivity to a student’s inherent challenges and work to facilitating a successful path to their learning process by designing an individually tailored path to musical fulfillment to improve their abilities and to be able to overcome these inherent challenges.”

At Mimico Piano Lessons I am offering piano lessons for beginners to advanced piano students of all ages.  Lessons are supplemented with ear training, sight reading, technique and music theory.

I have tremendous success with adults who either resume piano lessons or start as beginners for their own enjoyment or to help their kids when they will begin piano lessons as they share time together.

I inform on opportunities to participate in local music competition festivals.

I primarily follow the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto curriculum as a guideline and I have many supplemental materials.  
However there are options for preparation towards any of the following accredited musical education systems which are recognized in many other parts of the world.

Royal Conservatory of Music
This is the largest system of evaluation  in Canada and United States that has provided the finest music and arts education to millions of Canadians since 1886. Every year, 500,000 people in 300 communities participate in its programs.  An Introductory level continues through 10 Grades followed by an Associate of Royal Conservatory of Toronto (ARCT) degree.

Trinity College of London  
Trinity College London is a leading international examinations board providing respected qualifications across a growing range of disciplines in the performing arts delivering 500,000 assessments each year worldwide in over 25 countries, since 1876.

Yamaha Examination System
This worldwide examination system, which  originated in Japan and has been available worldwide in over 60 counries for over 40 years, encourages
playing by ear more and is designed to lead to a greater ability to improvise.

Conservatory Canada
This is an equally comprehensize system available also in Canada.  There is a viva voce section worth up to 8% of the exam as well as a greater emphasis on keyboard harmony when compared to the Royal Conservatory of Toronto.

If you prefer you may learn to play contemporary songs or basic jazz to improvise and create your own musical compositions/arrangements as we study musical forms and structures and composition techniques.

Every aspect of complete musicianship is constantly emphasized:
- reading efficiently

- hearing comprehensively
- connecting with the rhythms
- executing phrases and larger structures with understanding
- feeling the music emotionally and intellectually
- comprehensively fusing all components together

"The first year of instruction is a very crucial time to set down a solid foundation therefore very effective teaching methods from class piano are applied to private piano lessons as needed to overcome various challenges."​
 Examination Applications Due

Applications for the Davenport Music Festival held during April 2019 are due early in January..

Thank you all for registering.  There are still a very few spots left.  See if you can work it into your schedule.  Adults or kids are welcome.