Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio, Humber Bay Shores

Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

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Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

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Professional pianist and teacher with over 25 years experience 


Piano students learn invaluable skills which will benefit every aspect of their lives:

Concentration - is developed as a student learns a new skill each lesson.

Coordination - piano lessons are a wonderful method to teach coordination between mind and muscles, hand and eye, left and right side of brain, because it involves thinking of 2 hands,10 fingers and both feet.

Confidence - as children learn these skills their abilities in other activities improve equally such as competence in sports and greater creativity in problem solving and also they can score higher on IQ tests .


-  An Ability to Think Faster - Responsibility - Very High Work Ethic - Improved Memory - Perfection -

- Ability To Meet Deadlines - Learn Dedication - Self Satisfaction - Humility - Honesty - Higher IQ -

- Greater Competence in Many Things In Life - Better Ability To Learn Skills Faster -

- Ability and Patience to Discipline Yourself - Develop a Much Faster Mind to Hand Co-ordination -

- Better Performance in Sports and Other Disciplines Which Require Physical Skills -

- Learn To Create Goals and Slowly Unwaveringly Work Towards Them -

- Have A Greater Ability of Problem Solving - A Sense of Respect For Society, Arts, Humanity and Life -

- Ability To Self Criticize or Rather Self-Assess Positively To Create Improvements -

- Ability To Break Down Large Tasks Into Small Easily Workable Units -

- Left and Right Sides of the Brain Communicate Better - Ability To Discern And Appreciate High Quality -

- An Ability To Think Outside the Box - Be Able To Excel In The Moment That Counts the Most -  
Learning to play piano can open doors for all other musical career paths. Students will have an easier time learning another instrument when they reach middle school or high school and they may pursue pop, jazz, composing, scoring for films and many other musical avenues with much greater ease since they will have the foundations already well instilled.

Scientific studies have shown and proven that brains of pianists and piano students are wired differently.  These individuals result in having higher IQ as well as immeasurable benefits.  The invaluable skills that piano students develop will undoubtedly help them be able to become very successful in many non-musical career paths such as law, business, engineering, pilots, designers surgeons and many other fields.
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