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Professional pianist and teacher with over 25 years experience 

"A Steinway Christmas" CD

After years of performing in many fine dining establishments I have had many requests to record a CD of my solo renditions of Christmas Music and so with great pleasure I present this CD for your own enjoyment.
I am honoured to have received a nomination and an Honorable Mention at SoloPiano.com internet radio in 2013 for this work.

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- Mimico
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   “Thank you so much for your Christmas CD.  It is beautiful.  It gave me the Christmas spirit I needed. 
When I first played it, I became very emotional.  So you are where you belong.  You are Music.”  CS

"I could listen to your Christmas CD and discover new things each time.  It is beautiful, artistic and inventive playing, and it is such a peaceful CD full of great spirit.  It is so wonderful and so brilliant as you bring a wonderfull sense of sound and variety and heart to it all.   What you do is always fresh and interesting and you play with thinking Music and giving it priority all the way.  I admire your deeply heartfelt and honest tone and that smoothness of tone gradation."

"I find these qualities in your Christmas CD:  it is such inventive playing, and so rich and varied and colorful;
the technique is really quite astounding and yet it all looks so easy and it is the sense of voicing and range of dynamics met with such light work.  I also think there is a tremendous imagination at work as well and everything is always so fresh with pianism."

"Your Christmas CD is the most delicious and tastefull and brilliant recording ever!!!!"

"Your Christmas CD is a great comfort to me. You play with so much intelligence and soul and it greets the ear and heart and mind with Love, Peace, and Spirit.  Your music has an amazing effect and I'm sure it will warm many a folk here in Yorkshire."

"I and many people on this side of the pond think you are
a truly talented, brilliant!!!! extraordinary and most original Pianist."

“I'm listening to your Christmas CD right now ...your chord variations in
Silent Night are absolutely brilliant... you made it a year round classic.

Great Christmas CD, very moving...it reaches deep into the soul and smacks it around.....congratulations.”   PDB

" I listened to your Christmas CD the other day, and you have plenty of technique to spare.  More importantly you play with such a lovely singing tone, and such substance behind your tone.  Each time I listen to your Christmas CD I find new things there.  You have such command of color, sound, imagination and such rich harmonic sense.  I am most impressed by your well structured and inventive improvisation.  The one thing that you have above everyone is sucha rich singing tone.  You really bring out the voices with such clarity, and heartfelt reason.  I can also tell you that your Christmas CD reduces me to tears without even trying because it all comes out when you play.  There is so much emotion that it lifts the room here.  This is a fine disc, and one that will warm the soul and raise the spirits in this festive season."

"When I hear your lushious and delicious and rich and most original playing,
it is the voice of Monika Kasprzak and no one else. 
You are rich in Talent, rich in intelligence, rich in beauty, and rich in beauty of spirit. 
You show tremendous real talent and real understanding of music."

“I LOVE your Christmas CD!”  PF

"By the way, your Christmas Christmas CD is so fab, it puts everyone in a festive mood." 

“I think it's wonderful! - both your playing and your arrangements.
 It is putting me in the festive spirit, and I really enjoyed listening to it.  You have pitched it all very well and it will meet a wide audience.  The playing is superb & I liked the gentle, interesting and unpretentious harmonic variants.  It has an inviting and classy ambience to put even a Scrooge in the festive spirit.   It’s a pleasure to support this fine recording.  I feel honoured.”

"Well, I must say I miss the days when I could walk into Tom Jones Steakhouse and hear all the notes you play, MK...much success to you for your Christmas CD!"  LTT

"Monika Kasprzak, is an extraordinary pianist. Thanks for introducing me to her Christmas CD. 'Holy Night' is enchanting  with the pure melody wrapping itself in a warm blanket of arpeggios. Really pleased with it."  SL

"You are a true musician."   ​SH

"When I hear your lushious and delicious and rich and most original playing,
it is the voice of Monika Kasprzak and no one else."

Monika Kasprzak knows more about making music at the Piano than anyone I know.
If anyone has had the pleasure to hear this magnificent Artist`s CD of tastefully realised,
and extremely inventive improvisations of Christmas music, then they will know what I am talking about.
A true Musician and a true Pianist."

"I actually prefer Monika Kasprzak's golden tone and heartfelt Pianism.
A true musician who sings the passions and sorrows of human nature with unparralelld dignity, and artistry."

Honorable Mention for "Best of Christmas & Holiday Music CD" on SoloPiano.com internet radio 2013​  


Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio