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Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

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Professional pianist and teacher with over 25 years experience 

Pianist Monika Kasprzak

M.Mus. in Piano Performance & Pedagogy
B.Mus. from University of Toronto
A.R.C.T. in Piano Performance
Royal Conservatory of Music  Affiliate
Yamaha Music Trained Teacher
Lakeshore Arts Member

Monika Kasprzak is a pianist of the highest calibre who she has been passionately pursuing excellence in all styles of piano perfomance her entire life.

A highly qualified professional instructor with a knowledge of serious classical repertoire, what sets Monika Kasprzak apart from other classical piano teachers is her experience in performing many other genres from a very young age.

Also as a practicing professional with over 30 years experience performing classical as well as current music, light jazz;  piano solos and duos, as well as ensembles, symphony orchestras and choirs, she can incorporate all of these varieties of music into your music education.

With over 28 years experience teaching hundreds of students,  a number of them continued music in higher institutions and pursued music as a career.

A recording artist, her solo piano CD "A Steinway Christmas" was nominated and awarded with a Best of the Year  2013  Runner-up on SoloPiano.com internet radio.


- undergraduate studies at University of Toronto's Faculty of Music

- trained by top teachers of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, including Tanya Tkachenko and Margaret Parsons-Poole and from a direct lineage of teachers leading back to Chopin and Beethoven​

- Masters in Piano Performance & Pedagogy from ETSU University with A average

- chamber music studies at Banff School of Performing Arts with coaching by Ruth Laredo and Gilbert Kalish

- modern piano improvisation studies with Casey Sokol at York University

- jazz arranging with Dave Elliott at University of Toronto

- jazz intro with Phil Nimmons at University of Toronto

- jazz piano improvisation with Dr. Ted Hanson


- Monika kas been teaching and preparing students for Royal Conservatory Examinations for years and is confident to teach from absolute beginners through to Grade 10 and ARCT Degree (Associate of Royal Conservatory of Toronto)

- trained with specially designed teaching techniques which were researched and developed for over 60 years in Japan by the internationally recognized Yamaha Music Education System

- teacher in Yamaha Corporate Music School in North York for 17 years where she taught  private piano and class piano and now implements  her classroom experience to private lessons where applicable

- hundreds of students some of which have pursued piano teaching, continued jazz and composition studies and Humber college as well as performed locally

-recently certified to teach the new Royal Conservatory Theory Curriculum as introduced in the most recent upgraded Syllabus


- winner of numerous awards and scholarships at numerous competition festivals from the age of 12 and attaining marks of 94%, 96% and 97% at Kiwanis Music Festivals which lead to a performance at the "Stars of the Festival" final annual showcase at the age of 16

- distinguished throughout her life for her musical work and dedication many times including Distinguished Musicianship Award from ETSU University and Board of Education Music Award at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute​

- 1st place laureate in Canada in Canadian Music Competition at the age of 19 as part of a piano duo

- CD Recording Artist with a nominated and Runner Up recognition at SoloPiano Internet Radio for her solo piano CD:  "A Steinway Christmas"


- performing since childhood at many events

- toured under the auspices of Youth and Music Canada in an Ontario 12 city tour 1991

- performances ​with the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra and York Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Clifford Poole
- 5 years of big band playing, 4 of which were at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute with a 3rd place in Canada win at the annual Canadian National Stage Band Festival

- a practicing professional with
 a repertoire of over 1,000 songs and pieces of all styles, over 25 years experience and over 2,800 performances in primarily solo piano of classical, popular and light jazz styles, around Southern Ontario at venues such as Windsor Arms Hotel, Tom Jones Steakhouse, Brettons Stores, Doctor's House among 50 more and being selected as preferred pianist over many others

- performances in 28 cities in Canada and United States including venues Roy Thompson Hall, Jane Mallet Theater, also on CJRT and CHIN radio and for numerous dignitaries and VIP's.

-​ much collaborative performing experience with  ensembles in big bands, symphony orchestras and choirs  also starting as a teen

- very accomplished accompanist with phenomenal sight reading skills and extensive accompanying experience  for duets with instrumentalists and vocalists as well as for choirs which began at the age of 12 with her school choir which presented its first full musical which she fully accompanied

- she has been continually honing her skills by listening only to the world's best pianists and musicians of many genres and also taking online MOOC courses by Coursera as well as observing Master Classes by many world's greatest pianist/teachers.  Most recently, she received 92% in Gary Burton's "Introduction to Jazz", 93% in Jonathan Biss' famous "Beethoven 32 Sonatas" MOOC classes and 100% in 'How To Write Like Mozart"

- she has  completed "The Art of Teaching Theory Grade 5 " and  "The Art of Teaching Theory Grade 8" webinars offered by the Royal Conservatory as a teacher update with the brand new Theory curriculum of the latest Syllabus in November 2018..


Luckily piano was taught to her since the age of 6 in a musical family where musical training was a part of her daily life as she spend her entire childhood and teen years studying practicing and performing piano music, attaining Grade 8 at the age of 12, Grade 9 at the age of 13, Grade 10 at the age of 14 and A.R.C.T. Piano Performer's Practical at 16 with the completed Theory Co-Requisite requirements at the age of 17.

Additional musical experience during her high school days included playing piano/keyboard in Bigh Band Stage Bands for 4 years; and being the piano accompanyist for the junior and high school choir's Musical Productions 3 times starting at the ages of 12;  as well as playing clarinet in Concert Band orchestras for 7 years.

A bonus unparalleled level of training came with performing Piano Duo's and Duets since the age of 12 with her sister in a multi-award winning journey often attaining marks of 94%, 96% and 97% in festivals.  In Piano Duo playng there is a necessity to have a complete mastery of the instrument in order to be fully prepared for the added element of unknown with another person.

She took all of this knowledge into practice when at the age of 20 she took her first of many jobs playing in restaurants.  There she was able to incorporate and fuse all of her musical and pianistic knowledge into playing for 3-5 hours of arrangements of music and compositions of all styles from classical, light classical, jazz standards, broadway musicals, popular, contemporary, light jazz, classics from the 1920's. 1930''s and each decade, into artforms and elegant cocktail piano stylings.
Having studied and been inspired only by the world's greatest pianists and musicians of numerous genres she has devoted over 30,000 hours of practice and experienced over 12,500 hours of performing piano.  Where 10,000 hours is the minimum amount of time required in many activities to reach the level of mastery, she has highly refined rare skills in playing, interpreting, comprehending and teaching piano.

Inspired by the world's greatest classical and jazz pianists and musicians of the past century and now:

Classical Pianists - Vladimir Horowitz,  Earl Wilde, Arthur Rubinstein, Martha Argerich, Labeque sisters,
                                  Ivo Pogorelich, Yuja Wang
Jazz Pianists - George Shearing, Bill Evans, Marian McPartland, Art Tatum
Jazz/Fusion Musicians - Miles Davis, Pat Metheny,  (more coming)

Having taught students in the hundreds, she is proud to instill her passion and knowledge of one of the most amazing art forms to our next generation.
“Being a perfectionist my whole life I strive for excellence in anything I do including bringing out the best possible talent in my students.”

“I have a very highly attuned sensitivity to a student’s inherent challenges and work to facilitating a successful path to their learning process.”