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Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

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Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

Mimico Piano Lessons Professional Piano Studio

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Professional pianist and teacher with over 25 years experience 


Congratulations to all my students in their endeavours particularly:

RI for acceptance to the PhD Programme at the most prestigious Harvard University
RI for obtaining 81% in Grade 10 Piano
CE for receiving 80% in Grade 5 Piano
CX for obtaining 80% in Grade 9 Piano, age 14
CX for obtaining 94% in Advanced Rudiments
DD for obtaining 87% in Grade 8 Piano, age 13
DD for obtaining 82% in Grade 6 Piano
Mrs. D. for obtaining 83% in Grade 4 Piano, age 70+
YM for obtaining 86% in Grade 1 Piano
CP for obtaining 88% in Grade 6 Piano
YCS for obtaining 86% in Grade 1 Piano
YE for obtaining 83% in Grade 4 Piano
RI for placing 2nd in ARCT Class in Davenport Festival
JC for being accepted to the Jazz Music Program in Humber College
JF for receiving ARCT
KG for pursuing piano teaching as a career
KE for receiving 85% in Grade 3 piano
JW for receiving 3rd place in first competition
MG for receiving 88% in her very first Prep A Piano examination
MW for obtaining 76% in Grade 7 Piano


  1. “Thank you very much for teaching C.... for so many years.  She has learned a lot from you.  My wife and I appreciated all that you have done.  You are such a great and nice teacher.  She was very lucky that she was able to learn music from you in a way that helped her to improve very quickly.  We will recommend you to our friends and hope their children can become your students.  You deserve it.  You are the contribution to C....’s success.” Mr. X. parent
  2. “Much kudos to you, Monika, you have been able to help K...  progress in piano in ways other teachers couldn’t.” Mrs. C, parent
  3. “Thanks for these few last years of teaching.  I really believe I learned a lot and I owe it to you.  All the best and good luck.”  E. 17 year old student
  4. “A brilliant instructor and a gifted pianist, Monika is a consummate professional. With a meticulous attention to detail, high standards and unreserved dedication, she inspires her students to reach their full potential. As her student of nine years, I have witnessed firsthand her compassion and enthusiasm. Monika's wealth of musical knowledge coupled with her unparalleled teaching techniques makes her a truly remarkable instructor. She has had a profound impact not only on my musical development but also on my chosen career path.”  RI, University Student  
  5. “Monika Kasprzak is a Pianist of tremendous Culture and Imagination and Passion, punctuated by a brilliantly clear and energetic technique. She is also without a doubt one of the finest Teachers I have known. Her method is clear and detailed wisdom covering every facet of Piano Playing. Some years ago, she very kindly cured my Octaves, not only with very effective exercises but also encouraging a healthy state of mind. I have heard some of her pupils and believe firmly that Monika is keeping them on the right track. I warmly recommend this Wonderful Artist and Great Musician as an exemplary force in Music Education.”                              Mr. H, Artistic Director/Pianist/Dance Accompanist/Conductor
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